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Leveraging the Power of Partnership: Enhancing Liberal Arts Excellence through Collaboration


The Five Colleges of Ohio, Inc. leverages opportunities for collaboration among five leading liberal arts colleges in Ohio. Through focused expertise, community building, and intentional programming, we contribute to the academic and operational success of our member institutions.


The Five Colleges of Ohio, Inc., established in 1995, is a thriving consortium that unites Denison University, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, Ohio Wesleyan University, and The College of Wooster. What began as a pioneering collaboration focused on library resources has evolved into a comprehensive network that enhances the academic and operational success of each member institution. Today, our initiatives encompass strategic procurement, grant funding, academic partnerships, internship opportunities, and extensive collaborations among administrators and faculty across our campuses. By pooling our focused expertise and fostering robust community ties, we drive intentional programming that significantly advances the missions of our member institutions, amplifying their collective impact on liberal arts education and the students they serve.

  • 11 K

    Undergraduate Students

  • 1 K+

    Faculty Members

  • 2.2 K

    Staff Members

  • 70%

    Out Of State Students