Ohio Wesleyan University

Spanish Arabic Faculty Exchange

Professors Abdelaal and García-Olano taught a second semester Spanish course in the Spring of 2021 that provided students with a critical and complex understanding of some of the current and most relevant social, economic, and political issues affecting Latin American countries (i.e. immigration, war on drugs, governmental corruption, pollution and deforestation, attacks on the press, ideological, racial and class divide, historical revisionism, exploitation, segregation and marginalization of indigenous peoples, human trafficking, sexual trafficking and sexual violence, etc.) and of the di

Representations of Gender Issues in Contemporary Spain: A Collaborative Teaching Approach

Faculty members from three institutions (Eugenia Romero, OSU, Eva Paris Huesca, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Dosinda Alvite, Denison University) collaborated on a one-semester team taught course on contemporary literature, film, and popular culture from Spain in spring 2019. Faculty members produced shared teaching modules, travelled to partner institutions to lecture, and presented an inter-institution symposium in which students met to compare and contrast interpretations of gender issues in modern Spain.

Virtual Hispanic Film Festival

Professors of Spanish Dosinda Alvite and Ramiro Garcia-Olano (Denison University) and Eva Paris Huesca (Ohio Wesleyan University) organized a virtual Hispanic Film Festival in fall 2020 featuring virtual screenings of five international award-winning films released in 2018 and 2019 directed by six women filmmakers. Each of the films featured post-screening discussions via Zoom led by scholars in Spanish and Latin American film studies, and question and answer sessions in English and Spanish led by three of the films’ directors.

Chinese Guest Lecturers through Zoom

Professors Jianhua Bai and Chengjuan Sun at Kenyon enriched their Chinese language classes by incorporating lectures by Hsiu-Chaung Deppman, chair of the Oberlin East Asian Studies Department and Chinese professor Rujie Wang (College of Wooster) via Zoom. The guest professors shared their expertise on Chinese cinema and modern Chinese literature in fall semester 2018.

Arabic and Spanish Faculty Exchange

Faculty members in Arabic and Spanish (Hanada Al-Masri and Jason Busic, Denison, Abeer Abdelaal, Ohio Wesleyan) will lecture in one another’s classroom in spring 2019 to share research about the sociolinguistic/diglossic situation in the Arab world, increase students’ awareness of Arab culture, and, in Spanish classrooms, discuss Christian-Muslim identities and mutual influence in medieval and early modern Iberia. Faculty members will present a panel discussion about their current research in these areas at both institutions.

Symposium: Reimagining the Spanish Comedia in the Transmedia Age

Professors Glenda Nieto-Cuebas (Ohio Wesleyan University) and Francisco López-Martín (Denison University) involved students, consortial colleagues, and academics from across the country in a theater workshop and performance from a visiting Spanish theater troupe on a Friday evening and then an academic symposium on Spanish theater of the Golden Age on the following day. The many events that comprised the project were designed to engage scholarship, teaching, and performance of this body of canonical texts.