Policies and Processes for Ohio Five Grants

We appreciate your work as a collaborator and participant in grant activities managed by the Five Colleges of Ohio.  Below are steps we ask you to complete if you are:

  • planning a project to be funded by the grant
  • participating in a grant colloquium or meeting for which you receive a stipend and/or travel reimbursement

These instructions will streamline approval of your project, ensure your payment or reimbursement is made promptly, and help us better track our grant budget. Your contact at our office is Susana Velazquez, Program and Budget Coordinator, whom you can reach at velazquezs@ohio5.org or 440-775-5500.


Using Grant Funds for your Project

If you are planning a project, engaging speakers, purchasing equipment, or otherwise obligating grant funds:

Before you start:

  1. Your project must be approved by your grant’s Principal Investigator. Please send us, at least two weeks before you make commitments for expenses:
    • a short narrative of the work to be performed, including a timeline outlining when key events will occur,
    • an estimate of costs to be incurred including stipends, consultant fees, honoraria, and/or other fees, supplies, food/catering, travel/mileage, etc.
  2. The Principal Investigator will approve your project via email and provide you with instructions about how to make agreements for personnel or purchases. We’re ready to assist you, too.
  3. Keep your receipts and invoices! They’re necessary for documentation and reimbursement.

When You Require Payments for Your Project:

  1. Please follow the PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS below to request reimbursement or payment for project expenses.
  2. All requests for reimbursement/payment of project costs must be sent to Susana Velazquez within 60 days of when the cost was incurred. By processing reimbursements/payments in a more timely way, we hope to better track grant progress and give the principal investigator a heads-up in planning future strategies.
  3. The Principal Investigator will review your request in order to make sure all charges are allowable under grant guidelines and that they are charged to the proper line item in the budget before any payment is made.


Payment Instructions

  1. Stipends - If you are requesting stipends for your workshop, please send Susana Velazquez an email (velazquezs@ohio5.org) with:

    Most stipends to faculty are paid through their college’s regular payroll; in this case, the Ohio Five sends each institution’s Payroll/Controller’s Office the names of those to receive stipends, the amounts, and one check to cover the cost of stipends and FICA.

    In some cases, you may stipulate that a stipend is to be paid directly to faculty/staff by the Ohio Five.  If so, you must ask the payee to complete a W-9 form and submit it with your payment request. The W-9 form can be found on the IRS website here. You can scan and email the request and the form to Susana at velazquezs@ohio5.org.  Be sure to shred the form afterward as it contains confidential information.

    • the title and date of the workshop
    • names (first and last) of attendees, their title, name of institution, and stipend amount. 

  2. Travel/Mileage Reimbursement Request – If you are requesting a reimbursement for travel/mileage and other grant-related travel expenses, please use the Ohio Five Travel Form to document your expenses.  Include original receipts for hotels, meals, parking, taxis, or other, and mail (or drop off in person) your travel form and receipts to:

    Susana Velazquez
    Five Colleges of Ohio, Inc.
    173 Lorain Street, Room 208
    Oberlin, OH  44074

    Travel reimbursement requests must be received no later than 60 days after the travel occurred. Our grant funds are obligated for specific reporting periods, so be sure to get your payment request to us as soon as you can.

  3. Consultants, Honoraria, Catering Services/Food, Supplies, and other Miscellaneous Costs

    If you are requesting payment for or reimbursement of these costs, please send Susana Velazquez a receipt, invoice, or record of payment that includes the following information:

    • name and address of organization or individual that provided the service

    • type of services rendered and date(s) of service

    • amount to be paid

    • to whom the reimbursement/payment should be sent.

    • name of the grant/project to be charged

    The Five Colleges of Ohio is a non-profit tax-exempt organization, as are our colleges. Before submitting the invoice, please provide any vendor who may charge sales tax a copy of our sales tax exemption form (email Susana for copy), and be sure that your invoice does not include sales tax.

    For Honoraria or stipends paid directly to a consultant or speaker, please have the individual complete a W-9 and submitted to the Ohio Five with your payment request. The W-9 form can be found on the IRS website.