German Identity and Immigration

German professors Gary L. Baker(Denison), Mareike Herrmann (College of Wooster), Paul Gebhardt (Kenyon) and Leo Riegert, Jr. (Kenyon) collaborated electronically and in person to revise an already existing course on German identity and immigration. The team introduced new materials to reflect changes since the course was last taught, particularly the rise of right-wing nationalist movements in Germany and Austria, and integrated additional literary/cultural texts into the course. The professors visited each other’s classes in person and virtually and held an inter-institutional colloquium involving students from all three colleges.

Start Date
Gary L. Baker (Denison)
Mareike Herrmann (Wooster)
Paul Gebhardt (Kenyon)
Leo Riegert, Jr. (Kenyon)
College of Wooster
Denison University
Kenyon College